I am taking this opportunity to drop you a brief note to express our thanks and appreciation to you and your staff at Authentic for the beautiful windows and doors that you have created for us. More importantly, your commitment to service and product excellence is commendable and truly valued. Karen and I know that ours has not been the easiest job – we have been very particular about the window/door designs, but throughout the process you have remained committed to delivering what we had envisioned, and have dealt with any problems that have come up professionally, without exception. You and Authentic have certainly lived up to your motto – “Custom is our standard” and equally important, our expectations. Sometimes in the midst of building it is easy to remember only the problems and complication that arise, and not the things that go well. Hence we wanted to let me know of your very positive experience to date with Authentic and you in particular as our primary contact. It has been our pleasure and we look forward to continuing to work with you as we move closer to the completion of our residence.