My wife and I just cannot thank you enough for the superb job you did in installing all the windows and doors at our Muskoka cottage. My wife is in absolute awe over the quality of the workmanship and when I recounted all the many, many extras that you and your men provided, she was lost for words. It’s not just what is visible, such as framing the doors at a 45 degree angle, but what is NOT visible that makes us so grateful for having had the good fortune to have contracted you for this job. By that, I am referring to the excellent job your work crew did in building a proper base for the front windows to sit on. Although you can’t see any evidence of the base, we are all too aware how warped the front had become and how concerned we were that this would adversely impact on the installation of the new windows. Your hard working crew was very professional and a pleasure to have as guests during the three day installation. Please thank Rolf for his meticulousness and fine attention to detail and Brian for his creativity and Michael is most certainly following in your footsteps when it comes to delivering a quality service. Thanks also to Dwayne and Russell for their Herculean efforts in ensuring the safe transport of our windows from the marina to the cottage. It makes my back feel sore even now just thinking about the long uphill trek your crew made carrying that enormous picture window. The windows have truly transformed our cottage and taken it from being “just a cottage” to our summer home. Thank you again for your professionalism and dependability. You and your organization truly went above and beyond the contracted goods and services.